Text Banking Disclosure

From your mobile device, you may engage in various banking transactions, including requesting your balance, checking your account history and transferring between two accounts held at ONB Bank, hereafter referred to as us, we or the Bank. You authorize us to rely on any instructions sent from the mobile device we have on record. You further agree to assume all risks associated with banking through text. Unlike most of the Services, text banking does not require any username or password. For example, if another individual is able to access your text messages, they will have access to text banking, and you understand that they will be able to see your account information and you will be liable for any transactions initiated by them.  We recommend that you establish access controls available on your mobile device to limit your risk exposure.  In addition, standard texting rates will apply, so be sure to check with your wireless carrier.

After text banking is enabled you will access text banking by entering 59217 in the “To” field of the message on your mobile device. Then in the “text message” area of the text, you will enter one of the following codes:

• BAL – Account balances
• HIST – Last three transactions on primary account
• TRAN – Transfer money FROM selected secondary account TO the selected primary account
• STOP – Cancel Service

Only 2 accounts can be enabled for text banking. Transfers can only be made from the secondary account to the primary account.