Internet Banking Online Access questions:

Why do I get a security question that I do not remember selecting?

Since this is a new online banking product through a new provider, we require everyone to re-register as a new user. If the first time you tried to sign in you selected the “Registered Online Banking User” and were trying to sign in using an existing Log in, you will not be recognized and you will get an incorrect security question.

Fix: Please use the “New Online Banking User” (red) login and use your social security number or tax ID number as your user ID. The password will be the last four digits of your social security number or tax ID number.

Can I select the same User ID and Password as my old login?

Since this is the first User ID and Password in the new system, you can reuse the old login ID and password as long as it complies with the configuration needed. (IE: passwords need to be alpha and numeric, 8-12 characters long). Please note: You will not be required to change your password periodically. However, if you do need to change it, you will not be able to use the last 9 you’ve used.

How to I reset my password if I can’t remember it?

If you’ve tried signing in and are getting an invalid password message or you’ve locked yourself out due to too many unsuccessful login attempts,

Fix: You can either request an Express Code, on the bottom of the invalid login screen, to re-establish your access to your online banking or use the Forgot Password, link on the right side of the login screen.

Why can’t I view all the accounts I used to be able to view?

Fix: The online banking system is driven by the social security number of the owners of the accounts. If you’ve been able to view more accounts (either personal or business accounts) and would like to have that access again, please contact a bank employee during business hours to assist you.