These are unprecedented times and we are grateful that you are continuing to trust ONB with your banking needs. There are a few local, state and national sites that may give you further resources for your financial situation.  While things are changing on a daily basis, we are doing our best to stay informed and aware of everything being made available so that we can better serve you.


Olmsted County Small Business Relief Grants

Minnesota Department of Economic DEED Information:

U.S. Small Business Administration Funding Options:

IRS COVID Tax Relief Information:

Additional Resources:
For even more information on resources to businesses during COVID-19, the Rochester Area Chamber has put together this page of resources that includes information on the following:

  • COVID Preparedness Plan Template
  • Department of Labor COVID-19 Page
  • Industry Specific Guidance
  • PPE Purchasing & Cleaning
  • Safely Returning to Work
  • Resources for Local Businesses
  • Stay Safe Guidance (MN)
  • License Grant Program
  • RPU Utility Assistance
  • County Small Business Grants

They also have all links for federal, state and local resources available to you.

Follow this link:

The City of Rochester has additional information on CORONAVIRS (COVID-19) Mitigation and Response. You can find this information here: