Important Notice: Unauthorized access to payment card data at Supervalu Grocery Stores (Cub Foods).

A data breach at Supervalu may have impacted as many as 200 of its grocery and liquor stores and potentially affected retail chains recently sold by the company in two dozen states, including Cub Foods. The breach occurred between June 22nd and July 17th.

The information theft included customer name, credit or debit card number, the card’s expiration date and CVV (the three-digit security code).

MasterCard provided Olmsted National Bank with a list of debit cards that may be at risk and if your name appears on any list you will receive a personal phone call from the bank to discuss your options.

As always, please review your statements for unusual transactions. If you suspect fraud, please contact Olmsted National Bank immediately at (507)-280-0621.


Android “Fake ID” flaw announced by Google

On July 29, 2014, Google announced that Android® devices could be left open to attack from malicious apps that appear to come from legitimate developers, due to a flaw in Google’s mobile software. The flaw has been named “Fake ID” by security company Bluebox Labs, which discovered it.

Fake ID has been resident in Android® from version 2.1 to 4.4. Apparently, Google issued a fix in April as part of the latest update, Android® 4.4, also known as KitKat 4.4. If you have not upgraded your device to this version of their operating system, your mobile device could still be at risk.  You can easily verify your software version by going to Settings>About Phone and looking for the Android software version installed.

We make no recommendation of any third party security products. However, you may wish to review and determine if such services are appropriate for your individual needs.

We recommend that you upgrade all of your Android® device operating systems to version 4.4 or higher. We also recommend that all of our mobile banking clients update their operating systems as soon as possible after being prompted by the device to ensure a safe and secure mobile banking experience.

Thank you!

Olmsted National Bank


We have added a new feature to our Internet Banking.  For customers with loans at ONB, you are able to print a loan coupon from the website.  As you are viewing their Account Balances, you will see your Loan Account(s) appear on the bottom section of the screen.  To the left, your truncated Loan Account numbers will appear as a hyperlink.  When you hover your cursor over this hyperlink, you will see a popup notice “Print Loan Coupon”.  As you click on the loan number hyperlink, your screen will be directed to a new popup window that will auto fill the your name, loan number, payment due date, payment amount and instructions for the check and mail to address.  There is also a box provided to the amount enclosed.  Lastly, you can use this coupon to inform the bank of an address change and/or if you desire to setup an auto transfer.