Heartbleed OpenSSL zero-day vulnerability Update

As you are probably aware, today’s news is full of stories noting various vulnerabilities regarding interacting with servers through the Internet.  Here at Olmsted National Bank, we take security of your information as a paramount concern.  We want to assure you that our Internet Banking environment is safe and secure.  Through our vendor, we have taken steps to verify that our encryption system is up to date and meets or exceeds industry standards.

Due to the nature of the Heartbleed zero-day vulnerability, it is strongly recommended by industry security experts and regulators alike that anyone using the Internet should take the following steps:

  1. Change your login password for online access including, but not limited to, Internet Banking.
  2. Delete all “cookies.”

Ongoing Actions Being Taken by Olmsted National Bank’s vendor:

As part of our normal process, our vendor assured us that they will continue to monitor the situation in conjunction with regulators, the security community and its technology partners. Additional recommendations from the industry and our vendor will be reviewed as they are available for applicability to our Internet Banking product, and will be applied as appropriate.  We will provide you with updates as needed.

As always, we recommend that you monitor your account activity on an ongoing basis for any unusual items.

Windows XP Users:

On an unrelated matter, Microsoft has announced that it will no longer support Windows XP after April 2014.  If your computer is still using this operating system, industry experts strongly encourage you to upgrade your operating system to a newer version of Windows.  Using Windows XP after April 2014 will be an “at your own risk” situation.

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